Benefit of Dental Orthopedics for Children with Special Needs

Benefit of Dental Orthopedics for Children with Special Needs:

The benefit of dental orthopedics for children with special needs is vast, diverse, and  very beneficial in many cases.  Dental orthopedics is the assessment, development, and alignment of the lower jaw with dental appliances to improve function.  Dental orthopedics when done correctly, calms the trigeminal nerve and impacts orofacial function in multiple ways.

Benefits of Dental Orthopedics:

  • Improves swallow
  • reduces tongue thrust
  • improves jaw muscle strength and chewing ability
  • improves tongue movement to manage food
  • decreases auditory hypersensitivity
  • decreases oral hypersensitivity
  • improves focus and attention
  • improves occulomotor coordination
  • improves scoliosis
  • reduces systemic hypertonicity
  • improves immune function
  • improves brain blood flow
  • improves sensory integration
  • improves balance
  • improves strength
  • improves articulation
  • reduces seizure propensity
  • reduces inflammation
  • improves fine motor control
  • often reduces drooling
  • improves memory
  • improves executive function


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