Below are articles which I believe are of significance in understanding the role of the bite in the manifestation of the different developmental disorders. Further information is available on effect of bite on brain function at

General information:

  1. occlusion_and_brain_function
  2. craniomandibular cascade03
  3. New advances in Occlusion: Biomechanical principles of occlusion.  Dr. Jennings
  4. Systemic Effects of occlusal destruction in guinea pigs
  5. Substance P Cascade
  6. substance_P_and_hematopoeisis
  7. Epilepsy Treatment through trigeminal neve


  1. Neuroinflammation in the Brain of Patients with Autism
  2. Finding a cure for Autism Spectrum Disorders: the trigeminal factor.  article by Dr. Jennings

Cerebral Palsy:

  1. Finding a cure for cerebral palsy: the trigeminal factor; Dr. Jennings

Downs Syndrome:

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